Womencan.ca, the Canadian Women's Information Centre, helps women respond to challenges and improve their quality of life. Whether they are working outside the home or parenting, on their own or with a spouse, young, middle-aged or elderly, women face challenges. Womencan.ca is the site to turn to for information and resources to help women take charge of their lives.

Womencan.ca, le Centre canadien d’information des femmes, aide les femmes à relever des défis et à améliorer leur qualité de vie. Qu’elles travaillent à l’extérieur du foyer ou qu’elles y élèvent des enfants, seules ou conjointement, les femmes jeunes, d’âge moyen ou aînées font face à des défis. Womencan.ca est le site où chercher des renseignements et des ressources pour aider les femmes à prendre leur vie en charge.

Latest News


  • Oct 19 2016

    FADES: Food Addiction & Disordered Eating Support – 6 week support group for women

    The all-too-frequent struggle with eating-related issues, if left unchecked, can get worse over time. Often, it is not just a matter of lifestyle choices and changes, but of a mental preoccupation with food, eating, weight and control and the emotional…

  • Apr 7 2017

    Dalhousie Feminist Seminar Series 2016-2017, Halifax, NS

    Dalhousie's Feminist Seminar series is a series of conversations about feminist scholarship being conducted by faculty and students at Dalhousie University, our friends, colleagues, and community. Founded in 2015, the seminar series provides opportunities for people to come together to…