11 New Brunswick Women's Groups Want Equality in Stimulus Plans

Wednesday, December 14 2011

A coalition of 11 women's groups in N. B. says federal and provincial governments must ensure economic stimulus measures are fair to both men and women.

Jody Dallaire of the N.B. Child Care Coalition says most of the projects being considered by government involve ... traditionally male-centric jobs. There is no announcement in social infrastructure such as child care, housing, education and health care.

The coalition is asking both levels of government to conduct gender-inclusive analysis of government policies and budgets. "The federal and provincial governments are bound by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which has a constitutional obligation to conduct that analysis, because if not ... there will be unexpected results for women." 

A spokesman for the N.B. government said the province does have a policy for gender-based analysis, but it's used only when requested by a minister or executive council. Johanne Perron of the N.B. Coalition for Pay Equity said she is concerned there has been talk of cutting the public service in N.B.. "If you are cutting in this sector in order to invest in jobs in construction, you are just taking from one hand and giving to another, it's not going to work for women."

The other groups are Business & Professional Women Greater Moncton, Regroupement féministe du N.-B., Common Front for Social Justice, Urban Core Support Network, Club des femmes de carrière du Sud-Est, Collectif des femmes, Fédération des femmes acadiennes et francophones, NBFL Women's Committee & Femmes Equité Atlantique.

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