2003 Stats on Woman Abuse in New Brunswick

Wednesday, July 28 2010

Source: Interdepartmental Working Group on Family Violence Statistics, New Brunswick Family Violence Criminal Justice Statistical Report (Annual Report), 2003.

In N.B. in 2003, 771 founded incidents of woman abuse were reported to the police, down from 873 in 2002 and 807 in 1995. Woman abuse is defined as incidents where women in intimate relationships were reported to be victims of criminal offences. For a variety of reasons, including some victims' reluctance to testify, a smaller number of cases made it to the courts. 25% of the offenders sentenced for woman abuse in N.B. in 2003 received any jail time (46 men), up slightly from 21% in 2002, but down from 43% in 1995. 12% received a conditional sentence (22 men), alone or in conjunction with a probation order, down from 14% (34 men) in 2002. The conditional sentence option, available only since 1996, allows offenders to serve their prison terms in the community.

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