766 women and children murdered by men in Quebec since Dec. 6, 1989; 15 years after the terrorist attack, sexist violence continues unabated

Wednesday, July 28 2010

(Quebec City, November 24, 2004) -- A detailed database assembled by Quebec Men Against Sexism indicates that no less than 594 women and 172 children and youths have been murdered by men (or by unknown parties) in Quebec since the antifeminist rampage of December 1989 at École Polytechnique. And these are only the cases where bodies have been found and identified and victim names made public, an acknowledgement often denied to children and to immigrant, Native or senior women.

The data collated by QMAS indicate a steady progression in the proportion of women murdered not by a stranger but by a current or former husband or sex partner. This proportion was 37% in 1989 but has reached 75% in recent years.

QMAS secretary Martin Dufresne notes that divorcing and separating men constitute the majority of murderers. In many cases, the women targeted had called for help, police officers had previously intervened, domestic violence had been identified and authorities had been made aware of threats. But they proved inefficient or negligent with respect to the assaulter. The partners of controlling men seem particularly targeted by murderers, along with prostituted, immigrant, senior and chronically ill women.

The 38 women and children killed over the last 12 months in Quebec are: Jessica Sylvain, 14; Tamara Sheikh, 35; Elizabeth Fuller, 52; John Fearer Pelerine , 6; Leila Marabou, 30; Nadia Panatela, 37; Lai Josephine Wahl, 51; Ai Nye CIA, 32; Zachary Hale, 3 weeks; Johanne Bonhomme, 34; Audrey-Ève Charron, 23; Nathalie Boutin, 34; Monique Gravel, 49; Chantale Gervais, 25; Annie Lapointe, 47; Marie Clermont-Bazzarelli, 44; Anastasia Siméon, 4; Kathy Rioux, 33; Tommy Saint-Germain, 2; Shade Durand, 2 1/2; Jose Olsen, 34; Dominique Perinea, 31; Rose Kayak, 15 months; Nazi Chechen, 29; Tao Chi Pan, 40; Nancy Ouellette, 35; Jeannine Gagnon, 51; Angel and Melina Laskaris, 4 and 2; Ève St-Onge, 1; Barbara and Hilary Erdhardt, 52 and 17; Kelly Ann Drummond, 24; Alicia Moses, 20; Ana Maria Solinas Norbaak, 25; Lise Phaneuf, 64; Carole Lirette, 45; and Andrée Gagné, 42.*

Quebec Men Against Sexism is concerned with so many women and children being routinely denied justice and protection by the justice system, locking them in the trap of masculine violence. In accountability to the battered women's shelter network and the women's movement in general, Quebec profeminists call for a vast social mobilization where civil society can discuss, develop and implement public education projects, resource allocation and structural reforms that will effectively dismantle all forms of sexist privilege and abuse.

*Detailed data about these cases are posted on www.antipatriarcat.org/cmcs/html/textes.html

Quebec Men Against Sexism - E-mail: martin@laurentides.net

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