A Crushing Defeat for Motion 312

Tuesday, November 30 1999

That’s the headline we want to see when we wake up on June 14, the day after the vote on Motion 312 – Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s attempt to turn back the clock on women’s rights by giving them to fetuses instead.  

Let’s send Motion 312 back to the hell hole it came from!

Join ARCC’s “Crush Motion 312” campaign:

After the surprisingly successful debate on April 26 in which Motion 312 was thoroughly smacked down by MPs from three parties (including a Conservative MP), we know the motion will almost certainly be defeated on June 13.  But we’ve got the Conservatives in a weak spot right now – they’re afraid of the abortion issue because they know it hurts them. Let’s capitalize on that by sending a strong message to the Conservative government that the pro-choice and women’s movements are strong, loud and proud!  We’ve got the ovaries to deliver a crushing defeat to Woodworth and his motion, which could strongly discourage the introduction of future bills or motions and demoralize the anti-choice movement.  As journalist Chantal Hébert wrote in May after the first debate:

“A defeat this time — at the hands of the most socially-conservative friendly majority government in decades — would be a crushing blow to the anti-abortion cause. It could be construed as its biggest setback since the Supreme Court ruling.”

ARCC is shooting for less than 50 Yes votes for Motion 312, which would be a record low for any anti-choice motion or bill. The last anti-choice bill in 2010 (C-510 “coerced abortion”) garnered 97 votes.

Please help out with two main actions!

1. Paper petition drive

We need as many signatures as possible on our paper petition: http://www.arcc-cdac.ca/action/m312-paper-petition-en.pdf.  We will look stronger and stronger if pro-choice MPs present a constant stream of petitions in the days leading up to the vote.  Please print out copies and gather as many original signatures as you can. Mail the sheets to Niki Ashton, Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Ottawa ON K1A 0A6 (not to ARCC). They must arrive no later than June 12, but the earlier the better. Please consider sending by Xpress Post if necessary. (Note: The petition is on legal size paper 11x14, or you can shrink to letter size 8-1/2 x 11 for printing.)

2. Target anti-choice MPs

We want to overwhelm anti-choice MPs and those with an unknown stance with emails, faxes, letters, and phone calls from pro-choice and women’s rights supporters, urging them to vote No on the motion. Please send them our new sample letter: http://www.arcc-cdac.ca/action/M-312-letter-anti-choice-MPs.html , written just for anti-choice MPs, or write one of your own. Or phone them if you prefer. We’ve created a full contact list for all 108 anti-choice MPs and 55 with an unknown stance, including phone, fax, email, and mailing address for each.

Those are the two top priorities – but if you can, there’s more to be done! Please keep reading…

3. Contact your own MP

We know that pro-choice MPs are on our side, but will they show up to vote No?  A strong No vote by pro-choice MPs is important not only to help ensure the motion fails, but to widen the gap as much as possible between the No and Yes votes. Even if you’ve already contacted your MP, please consider doing so again, perhaps in a different way. You can:

• Send an email, fax, or regular letter.
• Send a pro-choice postcard
http://www.arcc-cdac.ca/action/M-312-postcards.html  (print one yourself or email info@arcc-cdac.ca with your snail-mail address and we will send some).
• Phone them.
• Visit their local constituency office. To look up the address, check this list.

4. Organize or participate in an event

The fabulous Radical Handmaids (http://www.radicalhandmaids.com/) will be doing a street action on June 6 in Ottawa (get your photo taken in front of the Wall of Wombs!) and another action on June 13. If you can’t get to Ottawa, you could host a small event in your own city, perhaps outside an anti-choice MP’s constituency office – wearing a Radical Handmaid’s costume!  Or, knit a womb or vulva and send it to Ottawa or to your anti-choice MP.  Check ARCC’s Action Alert page http://www.arcc-cdac.ca/m312.html#actions for links to costume patterns and womb/vulva patterns, and where to send your finished products. You can also join the Womb Swarm Parliament Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/354104927964655/?ref=ts&__adt=6

Thank you everyone! 

Together we will Crush Motion 312 and send it back to the hell hole it came from. Yes we can!

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