A WAM! study by Candace Coulson about the Canadian Feminist Blogosphere yields interesting results

Thursday, May 30 2013

WAM! Vancouver has released an exclusive report on the emerging and ever-changing landscape of the Canadian feminist blogosphere. Using a sample of 108 Canadian feminist interest blogs, WAM! discovered that collaborative blogs and blogs that do not explicitly identify as feminist are more likely to remain active after they are launched. Simon Fraser University student Candace Coulson, the author of the report, suggests that blogs that identify as feminist are harder to manage alone, as they foster more author to reader interaction. Many feminist blogs have strict guidelines for reader participation, and require more diligent moderation. Out of the catalogue, 67 blogs or bloggers explicitly identified themselves as feminists. The report illustrates the trends of a developing blogosphere in Canada, where feminist interest blogs fit in, and redefines the idea of a what it means to be a self-identified ‘feminist blog.’

Key Findings, in brief:

·         38% of Canadian blogs that covered feminist issues did not claim the feminist label, while 55% identified explicitly as feminist

·         Blogs authored by multiple contributors are significantly more likely to remain active than blogs managed by one person (42% vs. 18%)

·         Blogs authored by writers who do not identify as feminist are more likely to remain active than blogs authored by self-identified feminists (73% vs. 43%)

·         The most popular year for the launch of feminist-interest blogs was 2010

·         Bloggers that explicitly identify as feminist, and who author a blog alone, tend to foster a higher level of interaction amongst readers


To read the full report visit the WAM! Vancouver website, or download the report directly from here

Link: http://www.womenactionmedia.org/2013/05/03/new-research-on-canadian-feminist-blogosphere/

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