Abortion Alert from New Brunswick

Wednesday, July 28 2010
Few of us feel as strongly about abortion as those who belong to groups that oppose choice. We do not dedicate our life or our vote to one cause. We are concerned about many issues. That does not make our viewpoint less important, but it does make it more invisible. We invite you to contact your elected official. More and more N.B. women refuse to be intimidated or silenced on this issue; they recognize that this is about rights, freedoms and the separation of church and state.

Find your provincial MLA: http://app.infoaa.7700.gnb.ca/gnb/pub/ListMLA1.asp

Find the addresses for Letters to the editor : www1.gnb.ca/cnb/medialist/index-e.asp


The provincial government policy on abortion in New Brunswick currently places stiff conditions to access to medicare-funded abortion. As a result:

The provincial policy states that unless two physicians certify in writing that an abortion is medically required and it is performed by a specialist (not a general physician) in a hospital, it is not covered by medicare. That policy contravenes the federal health law and likely the Supreme Court of Canada decision on abortion, but because it has not been challenged in court, it stands.


That policy is not under review at this time. It could happen:


Contact your provincial representative:


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