Access to Health Services for Elderly Métis Women in Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan

Thursday, August 12 2010

Brigette Krieg, Diane Martz, Lisa McCallum


The Northwest Métis Women's Health Research Project investigated the health care needs of elderly women and their caregivers in the Métis community of Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. The research project looked at access to home care and long-term care services for elderly women in the particular demographic, social, cultural and economic context of northern Métis communities. The goal of the project was to recommend appropriate home care and long term care policies for northern Métis communities and to ensure that these policies will be responsive to women's needs as care recipients, care providers and caregivers. By looking at the specific needs of women, the research project hoped to raise awareness of gender as an important factor to consider in developing and implementing policies related to care of the elderly.

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