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Wednesday, July 28 2010

Federal News update

On February 24, 2006, Prime Minister Harper and the minority Conservative government announced they will end the 5 year federal-provincial child care agreement with BC and 9 other provinces.

According to the Conservative federal finance minister, the Conservative government "has a mandate to scrap the $5-billion in child-care deals with the provinces" and instead give parents $100 a month for each child under age six.

BUT parents and advocates are clear -- the Conservative monthly "Allowance" is NOT a child care program!

Take action!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to cancel the federal-provincial funding agreements are a huge setback for families and child care.

Did you know that this federal money is now used by the BC government to:

Without these federal-provincial agreements and funding, a lot is at stake! Needless to say, parents and child care advocates are speaking up!


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