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March 5, 2004

Today we are pleased to launch a global campaign to stop violence against
women. We are excited to be joining your long standing efforts to stop
violence against women.

The women's movement has long been a powerful force against the tide of violence. Amnesty International, too, has added its voice to the struggle
to protect and promote women's rights. Now we want to concentrate more
attention and resources on this issue because we know that violence
against women is everyone's problem. Amnesty members and staff offer our voices to the struggle for a world free of violence against women.

To the struggle, Amnesty International brings the energy, determination and activism of members and supporters from all over the world.

To the struggle, we bring the power and persuasion of the human rights
framework which points to the obligations of states and other actors.

To the struggle, we bring reports and documents that can help create the
power of evidence and documentation to the force of denunciation and
illustrate how violence deprives women of all human rights.

To the struggle, we bring the resounding message that violence against
women is fundamentally about unequal power relations between men and

A human rights crisis

We all know the facts about violence against women and that statistics that don't capture the true extent of the crisis. Very few states systemically collect and publish statistics on violence against women. As well, violence against women is generally under-reported because women are made to feel ashamed that they have been victimized or they fear disbelief, hostility or further violence if they come forward.

This campaign is designed to sound the alarm about violence against women as a human rights crisis, educate the broader public about the issues, mobilize both women and men to work to counter violence and to use the
power and persuasion of the human rights framework in the efforts to stop
violence against women.

Our long-term commitment

It may be unexpected that Amnesty International, an organization that
typically works on behalf of prisoners of conscience and on civil and
political human rights, would venture into the area of violence against
women. But in many ways, this is not far from our traditional work. This
ampaign will incorporate our long-standing concerns such as a persistent
disregard for international standards, impunity and failings in the administration of justice.

Working with women's activists, advocates and rights defenders, Amnesty
International launches today a two year public awareness and action
campaign to stop violence against women. As a worldwide initiative of
Amnesty International, this a priority campaign for over 1.8 million Amnesty supporters in more than 150 countries and territories across the planet.

Campaign planning at the international level began with consultations with
some international organizations that work on women's human rights. In Canada, we consulted with some frontline groups and national organizations
to help us develop our campaign strategy, goals and how to best work as
allies. This campaign is a product of those consultations.

This campaign provides Amnesty with a tremendous opportunity to develop a stronger analysis of violence against women as it connects to broader
issues of women's rights. We will develop a long-term program of action
to address the root causes of violence against women.

We want to support you and invite your support.

We know that violence of all kinds is experienced by women and girls in a
variety of ways every day in every part of the world. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Members of Amnesty International may be in contact with you to explore
possibilities for collaboration as this campaign takes shape in communities across Canada. At the national level, we look forward to fostering relationships with women's groups to ensure this campaign makes a meaningful contribution to your work.

We look forward to working with you. Please visit

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