Breast cancer is preventable - it's time for action!

Saturday, October 6 2012

This October THINK PEACH for PREVENTION during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This October Canadian Women's Health Network (CWHN) is supporting Peach for Prevention for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  "The purpose of the peach ribbon, started by Charlotte Haley in 1992, is to raise awareness of the causes of breast cancer - a shift from the pink ribbon focus on a cure," says CWHN Executive Director, Anne Rochon Ford. "Until a cure is found, it's vital to focus on preventing breast cancer, and to examine the environmental and occupational links to cancer."

CWHN has created a series of five postcards as part of the "Get the Word Out" campaign.

These postcards promote resources and organizations working for breast cancer prevention. Download the postcards from the CWHN website or order hard copies to mail to your friends and family, your doctor, your MP, and your local community group to raise awareness about breast cancer PREVENTION in Canada.



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