British Columbia Women's Centres Closing on March 31, 2004

Wednesday, July 28 2010
For more than a decade, Women's Centres have received core funding from the province of BC, and in fact, it was the Social Credit who first implemented this funding. Throughout the years the funding has increased in order to assist Centres in addressing issues facing women in their communities.


Women's Centres were instrumental in starting many Transition Houses and Sexual Assualt Centres in BC.


Women's Centres have a herstory of taking on difficult issues, providing essential direct services to women and their families. Centres have been at the forefront of community development, pre-employment, health, education and social programs thoughout BC.


March 31st marks the end of an era of equality, protection and advancement for BC women. Make no mistake dismantling the organizations that have been so key in advancing women's equality issues is no accident. The BC Liberals have been working to silence not only Women's Centres but women in general.


This attack on women is indefensible. While Minister Ida Chong states that the BC Liberals are committed to protecting services to women experiencing violence, the BC Coalition of Women's Centres has learned that many Transition Houses have just had cuts made to their services. Not only is this government cutting services to women but they are also lying to the public about it.


The complete lack of any community consultations on the impacts of this cut along with the complete disregard for the many calls to restore funding to women's centres are clear evidence of the BC Liberals sexist and oppressive agenda.


The BC Liberals will be remembered for this cut for a very long time. We ask that BC hold this government accountable for their attack on women and women 's services.

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