British Columbia Women's Centres' Funding Ends March 31, 2004

Wednesday, July 28 2010

Women's Centres Call on Ida Chong for Emergency Funding


The BC Coalition of Women's Centres has written to Minister Ida Chong for emergency funding to prevent the closure of women's centres across the province. All 37 Centres have had their only core funding cut by 100% effective March 31st, 2004.

Ida Chong has already gone on record as saying funding will not be restored to women's centres but instead will go to counselling and shelter programs. This is unacceptable, short-sighted and irresponsible. Women's Centres are often a women's first contact for referral to other services in the community. Many women who access women's centres need more than counselling and shelter or need other services altogether. This decision will do nothing but fragment services and leave thousands of women abandoned.

The BC Coalition has asked for a meeting with Minister Ida Chong. To date this request has been ignored.

Previous reductions in Gaming Funding and other provincial cuts, combined with the elimination of core funding, have forced Women's Centres to begin the process of closing their doors. The majority of Centres have cut essential staff and /or programs and are bracing for closure.

Centres will close without provincial government funding.

Women's Centres provide a range of services to hundreds of thousands of women each year. In some communities, Women's Centres are the only service available to women.

Women's Centres provide a critical role in BC and are the lifeline for thousands of women.

The BC Coalition of Women's Centres is asking for the support of British Columbians in calling on Ida Chong and the BC Liberals to continue funding the 37 Women's Centres in this province. To join the fight please go to or

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