Campaign to Save the Law Commission, Court Challenges Program Gains Steam

Monday, July 26 2010

TORONTO, November 20 - Efforts to Save the Court Challenges Program and Law Commission have been gaining steam ever since the federal Conservative government announced plans to cut funding to both
programs nearly two months ago.

Hundreds of legal aid clinics, law students, social justice organizations and individuals concerned about the future of Canada's justice system programs have signed petitions, written letters to the government, and organized behind the scenes to protest the loss of these important programs.


Claire Littleton, 647-291-6094
Estair Van Wagner, 416-879-5180
Ryan White, 416-454-9981


We began as a small group of Osgoode Hall students concerned about these cuts. Since then, our coalition has grown to include Osgoode's Law Union chapter, the Law Union of Ontario, and several legal aid clinics, community groups and individuals who have worked with the Court Challenges Program and Law Commission, and know first-hand the important role played by these programs.


For more than two decades, the Court Challenges Program has been ensuring access to justice for Canadians who might otherwise have no
way to assert their Charter rights. In 2003, the federal government renewed its commitment to the Program, after a program review revealed that it was operating efficiently, and that funding the program was clearly a "sound policy decision." The Program has also earned Canada praise from the United Nations.

Since 1997, the Law Commission of Canada has been a leader in law reform, and has promoted the notion that that Canada's justice system should be continually re-examined, to ensure that it remains relevant, responsive and accessible to all Canadians. It has also been a key independent source for information and recommendations, on which Canadian governments have come to rely.

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