Canadian Women's Health Network announces suspension of activities due to lack of funds

Friday, November 28 2014

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Women’s Health Network (CWHN) has decided to suspend the activities of the CWHN. This decision, effective Nov. 14, 2014, was not taken lightly. Despite efforts made by the CWHN, the support of partners and donors, and some notable successes along the way, the CWHN has not been able to secure sustainable funds to replace the federal funding that was withdrawn in 2013. The CWHN office is closed and the remaining staff members are being laid off.

CWHN has been providing independent health information to Canadian women for over 21 years and it is a unique and trusted national resource.  The CWHN’s very useful website and on-line resources will continue to be accessible. However, these resources will not be updated. The CWHN Board will continue to function in a limited way as long as they are able, in hope of future changes in the funding climate for women’s health organizations in Canada.

The Board of Directors reiterates its concern about the lack of funding for organizations committed to improving women’s health in Canada. The CWHN was not alone in losing its funding: the end of Health Canada’s Women’s Health Contribution Program (WHCP) meant that all Centres of Excellence for Women’s Health and other partner organizations lost their funding in 2013. Some of these centres have already made the difficult decision to close their doors.

CWHN Board Co-Chair Janet Currie of Vancouver noted that “the Board and staff struggled for many months to replace the funding support we received from Health Canada for close to 20 years. To lose all of our funding so suddenly left us in a very difficult position. This is a tremendous loss for the women of Canada. The information we provided was independent, current and addressed important and emerging health issues. This voice will now be missing.”

Media Contact:

Anne Rochon Ford, Executive Director

Tel: 416-712-9459


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