Children Over Represented as Victims of Sexual Assaults

Monday, July 26 2010
Children and youth are over represented as victims of police reported sexual assaults. Although they represent only 21% of the population, 6 out of every 10 sexual assaults reported to police involved a child or youth.


They were also victims of 21% of physical assaults and 17% of other crimes involving violence or the threat of violence reported to police in 2003. One-fifth of all violent crimes reported to a set of 122 police services in 2003 were committed against children and youth aged 17 and under, according to a new report on young people as victims of violent crime. These violent crimes include sexual and physical assaults as well as other incidents involving violence or the threat of violence such as robbery, uttering threats and extortion.


The report found that the risk of violent victimization for children and youth increases with age and that the perpetrators of violent crimes against children and youth change as children get older. The majority of physical and sexual assaults against children under the age of six were committed by a family member, most often a parent.   Full article available online at

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