CUPE challenges Nova Scotia MP to come clean on family allowance/child care scheme

Wednesday, July 28 2010

TRURO, NS, April 21, 2006: Tory MP Bill Casey should stop misleading the people of Nova Scotia into thinking they will actually get $1,200 a year
under Stephen Harper's so-called 'choice in child care' scheme.

That charge comes today from CUPE Nova Scotia President Danny Cavanagh, who says, "Casey's comments this week on a Truro radio station would lead people to believe they're going to see all of that money. In fact, they will only see a small portion of it."

Explains Cavanagh, "A couple with one child and a family income of $30,000 who receives the $1,200, will lose $362 in income tax.

That brings it to $838, but then they have to subtract the Child Tax Benefit clawback of $390, which leaves them with $448.

"Next they have to subtract the Young Child Supplement of $249, which leaves them with a grand total of $199."

Cavanagh says, "The Conservatives will be eliminating the Young Child Supplement for children under the age of seven portion of the Child Tax Benefit, something they don't talk about very much."

Says Cavanagh, "Casey seems to be claiming that the Tory plan to give the money directly to parents is much better for a rural riding like his. But it's precisely in those rural ridings that his government needs to build more child care spaces.

"How can you have 'choice' in child care if there are no services to access," asks Cavanagh.

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