December 6: First we mourn, then we work for change

Monday, July 26 2010
Today we remember the 14 women killed in 1989 because they were women, women who broke traditions and strived to independent beings: Geneviève, Hélèlne, Nathalie, Barbara, Anne-Marie, Maud, Barbara Maria, Maryse, Annie, Michèle, Maryse, Anne-Marie, Sonia and Annie.   In New Brunswick, we also remember the 50 persons killed since 1989 in spousal violence-related incidents, counting all those killed by a violent partner or ex-partner - most of them spouses or ex spouses, but some of them children or friends also killed when the violent partner came looking for his victim: Paula, Karen, Simonne, Andrèe, Monique, Denise, Dale, Alice, Maria, Gail, Valerie, Shaila, Joséphine, Andrew, Lukas, Karen, Elery, Diane, Nicholas, Theresa, Catherine, Heather, Carole, Colette, Norma, Micheline, Francoise, Monique, Sophia, Pamela, Sandra, Colette, Carmel, Florence, Dorothy, Michèle, Albertine, Ginette, Darlene, Raymonde, Karine, Shirley, Pamela, Stella, Brenda, Rhonda, Sara, Diane, Patti-Jo, Elda, Paula, Rachel. In addition, 13 of those abusers then killed themselves.   In Canada, lately, there have been about 70 women a year killed by a partner or ex-partner. Between 2000 and 2006, 500 were killed - 5 times as many as all the Canadian frontline military and law enforcement deaths in the same period.   And we are thinking of the 100,000 Canadian women and their children who use battered women’s shelters every year.   First we mourn, then we work for change.   December 6 is Canada's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

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