Eight Kenyan Women Seized in City Over Claims of Abortion

Friday, July 23 2010

Women Will be Taken into Police Custody

Eight women were yesterday arrested at a Nairobi clinic on claims that they were in the process of procuring illegal abortions. The manager, who also acts as a clinical officer at the clinic, was also arrested.

The clinic, which is in the middle an estate, was a hive of activity as police officers fought to keep off the public who opposed the activities of both the women and the manager.

Police claimed the women were found at a room inside the clinic as they awaited the completion of the alleged abortion process that was allegedly under way.

Nairobi's Kasarani police division cheif, Joseph Mwamburi told reporters that his officers responded to a tip off on the matter from area residents.

The residents said pregnant women in the estate had been disappearing for some days only to resurface without the pregnancy. The police decided to  act on the tip off and launch the raid.

The police said they would take the women to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment after which they would take them to court.

The Nation reported in Push Journal 25/Jul/06

SOURCE: Push Journal, 25/Jul/06


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