February 14, 2006: Make the connection, take action!

Monday, July 26 2010

POWER Camp National/Filles d’action National Day of Action

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and we are taking the day into our own hands! (Or, It’s Valentine’s Day and we are taking this day into our own hands!) On February 14, hundreds of girls and young women across Canada will mobilize their communities to take action against poverty.
The spirit of the event is festive, creative and grounded in the serious realities faced by girls and young women. The activities planned are as diverse as the communities taking part: video-making, theatre productions, music performances, training and awareness-raising workshops (gatherings? rencontres), and public demonstrations. Each group of girls and young women participating in the Day of Action approaches the topic of poverty in a unique and meaningful way. Some groups will shed light on the links between poverty and racial discrimination or poverty and violence against women. Other groups are concerned about the isolation and lack of self-esteem caused by poverty or about eliminating poverty among children and youth. So many issues, so many opportunities to take action!

To find out more about the Day of Action and the activities happening in your area, visit www.powercampnational.ca

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