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Thursday, November 28 2013

I am contacting you to be a vital part of creating a toolkit for Canadian Media on reporting on rape and sexual violence. Recognizing the power of mainstream media to shape stories on sexual violence, we wanted to create an opportunity for our communities to talk back.  In November femifesto  will launch Reporting on Rape and Sexual Violence: A Canadian English-Language Media Toolkit. The Toolkit will provide mainstream Canadian media with language and frameworks to responsibly report on rape and sexual violence. It will include a media scan of articles on sexual violence in mainstream Canadian media from 2010 - 2013 as well as resources including a Sexual Violence Survivors’ Bill of Rights for Interviewing and Reporting.

We have created a survey to be shared with individuals and organizations across Canada on the media stories regarding sexual violence. It can be found here:svy.mk/1e7nwRC. We hope that the survey will allow for diverse communities, specifically those that are often misrepresented or spoken for, to cite examples and needs when stories of sexual violence are shared by the media.  The survey results will be integrated into the toolkit.

We hope you can contribute to this project in any of the following ways:

1.    Taking 20 mins out of your day to fill out our survey on Canadian Media and sexual violence http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/G5S6WJM;

2.    Helping spread the word about the survey as well as the project either by connecting us with people/organizations or posting the survey on your social media (please refer to the bottom of the page for social media suggestions

We would love to have your help with any combination of the different ways to contribute listed above. We greatly appreciate any of your thoughts or questions about our project. Please let know if you are interested in being involved. We would be happy to give you more details.

About us: femifesto is a grassroots collective committed to being part of movements to end rape culture, stop survivor shaming and blaming, and create safer spaces in our communities. Our femifesto  is envisioning transformative communities where we hold each other’s hands as we drift through rough waters. We believe we can hold systemic institutions like the mainstream media accountable for the ways in which they impact public discourse on sexual violence.

femifesto is a declaration of feminist beliefs, opinions and intentions. We are a feminist collective that is ever evolving and engaging in ongoing dialogue. We are committed to supporting indigenous sovereignty and recognize Canada’s colonial past and present.

You can reblog our survey at http://ourfemifesto.tumblr.com/post/63013505208/mainstream-canadian-media-reporting-on-rape-sexual


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