Feminist Alliance for International Action's Proposals for the New Martin Government

Monday, July 26 2010

Feminist Alliance for International Action's Proposals for the New Martin Government

The Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) believes that it is essential that women in Canada communicate with members of the federal Liberal caucus in this period of transition for the federal government (from now until the Throne Speech predicted for late January). Members of the Bloc and NDP would also benefit hearing from you.

We know that three of Paul Martin’s social policy priorities will be Aboriginal People, children, and persons with disabilities. Though these are positive developments, the issue of women's equality, including the gendered experience of Aboriginal women, women with disabilities, and girls, has not been specifically mentioned.

We also know that Paul Martin will rely more heavily than the Jean Chrétien government did on members the Liberal Caucus government for input on priorities and directions.

At FAFIA’s National Symposium and General Meeting held just three weeks ago, over thirty-five women's equality -seeking and partner organizations identified the following priorities for women’s equality in Canada.

We are asking that the Canadian government do the following in order to fully adhere to the Convention to Eliminate Discrimination Against Women(CEDAW):

  1. Create a cabinet-authorized cross-departmental process leading to an action plan for implementing the UN CEDAW Committee’s 2003 recommendations
  2. Use and develop a feminist anti-oppression analysis to create this action plan
  3. Ensure a role for women's non-governmental organizations and appropriate experts in the development of the action plan
  4. Establish a time frame for the implementation of the recommendations which will not exceed January 2005
  5. Ensure adequate funding to support the CEDAW follow-up process which includes implementation of the UN CEDAW’s Committee recommendations

FAFIA proposes that in addition to these actions the government of Canada must:

  1. attach conditions to the federal transfer of dollars to provinces and territories under the new Canadian Social Transfer, including specific designations for social assistance, and family and civil law legal aid. Designations for federal funds and applicable standards for provinces and territories should be included in a piece of federal legislation similar to the Canada Health Act
  2. create a new Parliamentary Standing Committee on Women's Issues, and the establishment of a full Ministry (which will have a seat at the Cabinet table) for Status of Women
  3. ensure sufficient and on-going core funding for women's equality-seeking organizations through the Status of Women women's program.

We would be pleased if you would support these positions in your discussions with Liberal caucus members.

For more information on FAFIA's efforts or to join us in our work, please contact us at
info@fafia-afai.org or consult FAFIA's website at www.fafia-afai.org or call the FAFIA office in Ottawa at 613-232-9505.

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