First-of-its-kind mutual fund in Canada promotes the advancement of women globally

Tuesday, September 24 2013

TORONTO, September 24, 2013 /CNW/ - Global Women’s Equity Fund (the "GWEF") is pleased to announce the publication of its second quarterly newsletter entitled: “The Times, They are a Changing…too slowly!”

GWEF is categorized as a Gender Lens investment fund. It will appeal to socially responsible investors, mainly women, who are looking to promote concepts and ideals that they feel strongly about. GWEF will invest globally in publicly traded companies that have demonstrated their support for women's causes and are leaders in promoting gender equality in the workplace.

GWEF's strict investment mandate dictates that the investment manager will invest only in companies that have actively promoted the advancement of women. Inclusion in the portfolio would require companies to meet some or all of the following:

“GWEF is receiving strong support from numerous Senators as well as Justin Trudeau and other well-known political leaders, on a national basis,” said Alexis Klein, Founder.

For a copy of our latest newsletter, please email GWEF.

For further information:

Alexis Klein HBA, CIM, FCSI, Founder
Global Women Equity Company
Cell: 647-223-1001

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