Focus on young women and their breast health in the Fourth Annual Breast of Canada Calendar 2005

Monday, July 26 2010

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, more women under the age of 40 die of breast cancer than any other type of cancer. With this statistic resonating loudly, we dedicate the 2005 edition of Breast of Canada to all young women with and without breast cancer.



Designed to promote awareness of Women's Health with a particular focus on breast health and breast cancer prevention, the calendar features artistic portraits of women with and without breast cancer by principal photographer Melanie Gills from Guelph, Ontario. We are also pleased to include the work of several photo contest winners from across Canada.


Thanks to a growing international customer base and increased understanding of the calendar's purpose, publisher Sue Richards, says Breast of Canada 2005 will be officially launched in Guelph Ontario on Friday, October 1 at the Guelph Youth Music Centre. October 1st is also the start date of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


"Besides launching the 2005 edition, I am thrilled to be featuring a fine art show of writing and art  by girls and young women across Ontario titled Making Her Mark, along with two Canadian films; My Left Breast by Newfoundland producer Gerry Rogers and The Breast of Times, a perspective of the calendar by three film students," announces Richards. "I hope people will attend as families. The combination of various art form and perspective is sure to be refreshing and enlightening."


"The positive feedback I hear about the calendar has increased exponentially," said Richards. "My customers are grateful that we are making the issue of breast health more visible. The calendar is proving itself to be an excellent conversation starter. More conversation means less silence. This alone will save lives."


Calendar sales reached a sustainable level with the 2004 edition. Net proceeds for the 2004 calendar sales will be announced in November 2004. Web site visits at averaged 1,000 per day, while web site orders provided the highest source of sales. Calendars were sent to Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Greece, Israel, Denmark, Singapore, all U.S states and all Canadian provinces and territories.


Each month features current breast health and prevention information, Breast Self Examination (BSE) reminders, interesting breast lore, inspiring quotes plus International and Canadian dates. The calendar also provides an excellent BSE instruction page. "The calendar is a perfect do-it-yourself breast guide," states Richards.


In the fall of 2003, Richards was invited to attend the Canadian Breast Cancer Network's (CBCN) Annual General Meeting in Ottawa. At the meeting, Richards met a member of the organizing committee for a new national networking event being planned for young women with breast cancer called The Young and The Breastless. "Thanks to that exchange, I decided to feature young women living with breast cancer as October 2005, internationally known as Breast Cancer Awareness month",  says Richards. "The six young models detected their breast cancer between the ages of 25 and 38. The strength and beauty captured in the shot by photographer Kimberly Mara took my breath away."


In the CBCN and Ontario Breast Cancer Community Research Initiative report Nothing Fit Me, the unique issues facing young women with breast cancer are clearly spelled out. Single moms and households with preschool kids face significant challenges as treatment takes its toll. Young mothers struggle with how to communicate details of their illness to small children. Career trajectories are disrupted. Finances become stretched and fragile. Sexuality is impaired and early menopause inevitable. Peer support groups are few.


"This was enough for me to know that more breast health and breast cancer prevention information needed to be directed to all young women around the world," explains Richards.


"It's clear that BoC speaks volumes to a young female demographic. I want the message to be positive, empowering and motivating. We need to ask more questions about what is as a society to prevent it. And we need non-invasive, safe and accessible detection methods for all women of all ages," Richards continues.


"I am lucky. I do not have breast cancer. But I do have breasts. That in itself keeps me motivated to push this cause," she adds. "You can help by buying two calendars and giving one to a young woman in your life."
Made in Guelph, Ontario Canada.


Suggested Canadian Retail: $19.95 plus taxes and shipping Suggested U.S. Retail: $13.00 plus shipping


Available at and fine stores across North America.

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