For Going Out on a Limb: a Thank You Email Campaign Regarding UN 5th World Conference on Women

Tuesday, November 30 1999

 April 2012

It’s now been over a month since the Secretary General and President of the UN General Assembly said that it was high time for 5WCW and proposed that there be one in 2015. Since the March 8 Joint Statement, they have heard from those opposed to 5WCW.  Meanwhile, 5WCW advocates  have focused on getting the good news of their support to our groups in the absence of information otherwise, while some of us have been working on getting sponsorship for a resolution to the General Assembly.  While SG & PGA have heard from those who were not pleased with the statement, they have NOT heard from supporters. A Thank You campaign is now a PRIORITY.  They have gone out on a limb, and need to know that there is support for 5WCW and appreciation for their leadership.

 We need to send a FLOOD of emails and letters to the SG & PGA, from individuals who will list their affiliation and positions with organizations. The next step will be to get the organizations you belong to—to officially support 5WCW.  Full text of Joint Statement:<>

Your email should go to:  President of General Assembly Al-Nasser <>, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon <>
with cc: Executive Director UN Women Michelle Bachelet <>
and me:

*Please write your own emails or letters right away, write your networks, and get them on it! Marching orders!*

Very simple letter or email.

  1. Send thanks and appreciation to the President of the General Assembly   and the Secretary General of the United Nations  for their joint statement   on March 8, 2012 in which they proposed UN 5th World Conference on Women.
  2. Praise them for taking this initiative and leadership.
  3. Encourage them to continue to support 5WCW and assure them that there is support for what they are doing.

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