Funding Casualities Under the Harper Government

Thursday, October 2 2008

Casualties: Have you Heard?
by Senator Elaine McCoy

The Canadian Health Network (CHN) is the latest in a series of services to be shut down by the Harper government. As of April 1, 2008, the CHN's superb website will be killed. A new site, Healthy Canadians, has been launched instead. If you're looking for unbiased information on, say, abortion, don't go there. The first of 1,670 responses to a search on that word lists a document issued by the Canadian Forest Service (Shoot-tip Abortion and Pseudoterminal Buds) !

The number of funding casualties continues to grow. We did a quick survey the other day, and here are the results:


Funding Crises:

These shut-downs and cut backs are all having adverse impacts on information and resources for Canadian women. No doubt there are other organizations facing similar challenges. When will Canadians say enough is enough?

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