Gender Analysis of Policy: Time to do Business Differently

Monday, July 26 2010

Ottawa, April 19, 2005 - Today in Ottawa, Anita Neville, (Winnipeg South Centre), Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women released the Committee's report, Gender-Based Analysis: Building Blocks for Success. This report was developed following intensive consultations with equality seeking organizations and federal government departments.


In its report, the Committee outlines a comprehensive approach to ensure that gender-based analysis is carried out throughout the federal government. It envisions a multi-partner effort whereby   Ms. Neville stated that the existing federal policy for gender equality needs clearer and stronger accountability measures. "We do not accept that the current passive approach to gender analysis by central agencies and individual departments is enough. It is time to do business differently. It is time for a policy with real teeth and measurable results."


In recommending federal equality legislation, the Committee responded to the repeated observation from departmental witnesses that greater accountability is a requirement for successful implementation of the long-standing federal commitment to gender equality. To achieve success, the Committee proposes a series of building blocks including strong participation by equality-seeking organizations and reporting mechanisms which will make it easier to determine whether departments are making progress in incorporating gender considerations into their work.


The study on gender-based analysis was prompted by the testimony of many groups which appeared before the Committee throughout the fall of 2004. The Committee members were strongly motivated by witnesses who urged them to consider the concrete translation of gender-based analysis into improvements in the lives of women - not only changes in how government operates, but a difference in the ultimate results.


Ms. Neville emphasized that "It is hoped that the implementation of the Committee's recommendations will lead to better policy-making that will close the equality gap."

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