Get Screened seeks LGBTQ volunters

Thursday, September 5 2013
Are you passionate about health care in older LGBTQ communities?
Do you want to help other LGBTQ people take charge of their health through regular cancer screening?
Are you well connected in LGBTQ 45+ communities?
If yes, then Get Screened needs YOU as a volunteer Health Ambassador!
What is Get Screened?
Get Screened is a program of the Canadian Cancer Society that aims to increase colon, breast and cervical cancer screening rates in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities in Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto.  Our communities have higher risk factors for some of these cancers and yet we are less likely to get screened. We hope that you can help us raise awareness about the importance of stopping cancer before it starts, or detecting it early when treatment is most effective.
How does Get Screened work?
Get Screened trains volunteer Health Ambassadors to talk to friends and families about colon, breast and cervical cancer screening. You can discuss cancer screening with your LGBTQ networks while having tea with your friends, at your local book club, at your older LGBTQ drop-in group, etc.
You are:
Time commitment:
Learn more:
To learn more about Get Screened and about cancer screening, visit Click on the volunteer opportunities link for more information about the Health Ambassador position.
Deadline for applications:
Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. First round of training will begin early October, so please apply by September 18. Early applications are encouraged.
Contact us:
Do you want to be a Health Ambassador?
Are you under 40 and still want to volunteer?
Missed the deadline for applications?
Do you want to get involved in other ways?
Do you have other questions?
For Hamilton and Toronto:
Contact Arti Mehta at or 416-323-7071.
For Ottawa:
Contact Kevin Linn at or 613-723-1744 x3607.

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