Girls Gone Wild Gets Cold Reception in Canada

Monday, July 26 2010

HALIFAX, August 18, 2005 ( – Pornography film producer, Mantra Films Inc., may have a more difficult time recruiting young college women to participate in their Girls Gone Wild university tour when they come to Canada this fall.

The group entices young college women to participate in bacchanalian-style parties at university bars, which culminate in the women stripping before the cameras. The company did a 17-stop tour of Canada last year – Girls Gone Wild Canada; the DVD created from that tour is being used by Mantra now to promote their planned tour for this semester.

Dalhousie University, in cooperation with a local women’s group, is alerting college women to be aware that the Girls Gone Wild tour is exploitative and demeaning. “We're not keen anytime a predator comes to campus, and quite frankly, that may be what we're looking at,” said Dalhousie University's media relations manager Charles Crosby, as reported by CTV.

“We'll be sending out information during frosh week,” Crosby said. “Students coming to residence will make sure they have information in their residence kit and we're meeting with residence assistants to bring them up to speed on this company.”

The Nova Scotia Status Of Women Advisory Council is sending a similar warning to colleges and universities across the country. Council executive director Brigitte Neumann told women to be aware of the repercussions that participating in the demeaning display could have. “It cannot only be embarrassing in the short run, but with appearances on the Internet it can be highly compromising for many years,” she said.

An advocacy group credits their efforts to warn women in Thunder Bay last year with the cancellation of a planned stop of the tour there last year. The group warned that the pornography producer objectifies women and takes advantage of them while they are under the influence of alcohol.

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