Government Cuts Have Led to an Increase in Violence Against Women in Ontario

Monday, July 26 2010

Government Cuts Have Led to an Increase in Violence Against Women in Ontario




On September 30, 2000, the Ontario government refused to sign the Declaration of Commitment to take action on violence against women.


SINCE 1995 the current provincial government has made cuts to housing supports, childcare, legal aid, disability and income supports. These cuts have resulted in an increase in women's vulnerability to violence in their homes, workplaces and on the streets.

It's not just the dramatic and more obvious cuts to women's services that have contributed to increased numbers of women killed and abused by former and current partners. Women bear the brunt of government attacks on the poor, on healthcare, on immigrants, on education, on childcare and on labour as they struggle to pay the rent and feed the kids.

More police officers and more courtrooms will not help women to prevent violence; but will take away scarce funds from the social supports they do need. Ontario women are now more economically insecure than ever, and are less able to escape the brutality within their homes.

Government Cuts Are Killing Us!

Cuts and Inaction

A total of $9 million annualized funding was cut from women's shelters (5.5% cut) and second stage housing (eliminated) in July of 1995. That equals seven fiscal years times $9 million for a total of $63 million «saved» from direct services for women.

Effects on Women

The Time is NOW .... Vote For Women's Equality!

The Cross-sectoral Violence Against Women Strategy Group (CSVAWSG) represents a wide variety of local and provincial women's groups who have come together to develop and sustain a broad cross-sectoral response to the issue of violence against women.

Join us in the campaign. For more information and/or to obtain the sources for the above information, please email Doris Rajan at


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