Herizons Issue on Women In History- Pre-orders Available

Thursday, March 26 2015

Herizons upcoming Special Issue on Women in History will offer a glimpse into the multi-faceted influences women had upon Canada's earliest days as a colony, through to the appointment of it's first Supreme Court justice. It will be of interest to women's studies professors, women's centres and those who are organizing feminist conferences.

This special Herizons issue will ship next month and we're taking pre-orders now for bulk copies until April 10th. The bulk copies cost $2 each when you order 25 copies or more, plus a flat rate of $10 shipping.  The issue is not time-limited and will make a useful teaching resource in spring, summer, fall and well beyond. Subscribers will receive the issue as part of their subscription. However, only a limited number will be printed and I want to give feminist educators a chance to order bulk copies in advance to ensure delivery.

The articles in Herizons  Special Issue on Women Who Changed Canada are written by notable feminist historians and writers including Jan Noel, Lianne Leddy, Penney Kome, Wendy Robbins, Veronica Strong-Boag, Renee Bondy, Kim Brooks, Sarah Carter, Judy Rebick, Michele Landsberg and others.

Some of the important women and events featured:

Email editor@herizons.ca if you'd like to place an order-- they will bill when the issue ships. 



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