Homophobia Runs Rampant in Retirement Communities

Friday, July 23 2010

50plus Online Magazine (www.50plusMag.com) organized another round table
discussion with older gays and lesbians.

Their ages were between 58 and 73. The topic was homophobia and its presence in senior facilities. Some spoke from experience, others from hearsay.

They all agreed that it didn’t make a difference whether they had been out and living openly before, if they let anyone know about their sexual orientation they were asking for trouble.

One elderly man said that it was shocking that in some of those retirement homes, homophobia runs rampant, especially among the staff.

He said that when a gay person goes to visit another gay person in a nursing home, it’s in everyone’s best interest to act straight---like any other visitor. The fear of being discriminated against is very real.

Another gentleman said that he thought that it was much easier for normal looking gay people—those who could pass for straight. The ones that find it really difficult are the women who are masculine and the men who are feminine.

50plus Online Magazine (www.50plusMag.com) never shies away from controversy, says Editor Gary Geyer. (like our siding with AARP, against President Bush’s privatization plan for Social Security) “We have always said there is more to our demographic than Davy Crockett hats, arthritis and dentures,” adds Geyer.

“Sometimes we’re serious and sometimes we’re funny or irreverent,” says Geyer, “but we are always interesting, entertaining and relevant.”

In the current edition of 50plus Online Magazine (www.50plusMag.com, in addition to the forum on “Homophobia in Retirement communities," there are new articles on “Snoring and Ways to Reduce it,” and “Adopting a Child When You are Past 50.”

The 50+ celebrity featured in this edition is Dennis Quaid, who barely made the 50+ cut having just turned 50 last April. Dennis had it all: Drug addiction, a bad marriage and a failing career. The tabloids aren't too happy that that’s all behind him now.

There is also an updated article from our previous edition called, “We Are No Longer Boomers. We are YAPS.” (That’s Youthful, Active, Pre-Seniors.) “There was quite a lot of interest in our claim that the term “boomers” is an archaic term, describing who we were, not who we are today,” says Geyer.

Included in this edition are also two new Brain Squeezers™, a popular feature that works those brain cells. (The one called “Killer Test” is particularly weird.)

About 50plus Online Magazine:

50plus Online Magazine (also known as 50plusMag.) is an online magazine geared to YAPS (boomers), young seniors and recent retirees.

Recent articles have addressed the death of a grandchild, growing old in prison, discrimination in the workplace, dealing with Alzheimer rage, avoiding sibling rivalry at inheritance time, trophy wives, older women dating (and having sex with) younger men, being ignored by advertisers, the trend of older actors and actresses appearing nude in the movies, senior divorce, alcoholic retirees, and a 50plus sex quiz.

"Everyone is invited to check us out, bookmark us, and tell a friend our URL," said Geyer shamelessly.

Gary Geyer is founder, editor and publisher of 50plus Online Magazine as well as President and Creative Director of Alive & Kicking Advertising—a marketing company that specializes in the 50+ market.

All of the above text is a press release provided by the quoted organization. TheMatureMarket.com accepts no responsibility for their accuracy.



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