Join the Campaign to Remove the Global Gag Rule on Reproductive Health!

Friday, July 23 2010

Join the Campaign to Remove the Global Gag Rule on Reproductive Health!
Three Years is Enough! Remove the Global Gag Rule!

To mark the third anniversary of the imposition of the Global Gag Rule the International Planned Parenthood Federation Western Hemisphere (IPPF/WHR) region has launched an online campaign FreeChoiceSavesLives to raise awareness about the global debate over reproductive health and increasing public opposition to the Global Gag Rule.

The Global Gag Rule was George Bush's first official act as President. It forces foreign organizations to choose between vital U.S. government (USAID) funding and their responsibility to provide the full range of reproductive health services to the world's poorest women. It requires aid recipients to withhold information about reproductive health options and even prohibits foreign non-governmental organizations from lobbying their own governments on abortion issues, even if they use other sources of funding for these activities.

The financial and human cost of the Global Gag Rule has been enormous; the initial cost to the IPPF was the loss of US $12 million, the human cost is measurable by the 1 600 deaths a day worldwide due to pregnancy and childbirth complications. Many of these deaths could be prevented by lifting the Global Gag Rule and making routine reproductive health services more available worldwide.

Visitors to the new web site can send a letter to President Bush asking him to help protect women's lives by removing the Global Gag Rule. IPPF/WHR intends to recruit 50,000 people to the campaign by its 50th anniversary in October. Dr. Carmen Barroso, regional director of IPPF/WHR launched the campaign with this statement:

"The Global Gag Rule stands between the world's poorest women and one of the most important elements of their development and well-being: reproductive health services. We need to intensify the public's outcry over the harmful effects of this policy."

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