Joke Blom, The Netherlands, Died January 25, 2004

Monday, February 9 2004

Joke Blom, The Netherlands, Died January 25, 2004

Joke (pron. Yokay) died suddenly on Sunday January 25th 2004 at her home in Amsterdam. As Executive Director of the International Archives for the Women?s Movement (IIAV) in Amsterdam from 1995-2004, Joke transformed the IIAV into an organization that contributed greatly both to the lives of women in the Netherlands
and internationally. Joke also worked tirelessly for the people of Alkmaar, the town of her birth, where she was about to become a Councilwoman in charge of sport, health and culture.

As Anne S. Walker wrote in a letter to IIAV: ?Joke was a woman who was generosity itself, supportive, encouraging, wanting the best not only for IIAV but also for other groups, such as the International Women's Tribune Centre. She was always there for all of us, never losing hope, always full of ideas, and always with that big, hearty laugh and smile. Joke was an original, an international treasure. Nothing seemed
impossible to her, whether it was the need for funds, the possibility of a new outreach programme, a collaboration with another group in another world region, or a coalition of many groups to develop a world activity. Joke was there and yes, it could be done.?

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