Kamloops Women's Resource Centre Forced to Close it Doors in the Fall of 2006

Wednesday, October 4 2006

September 25, 2006:  On September 26, the Kamloops Women?s Resource Centre (KWRC) presented to the BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. At that time, they discussed their  situation as an organization, as part of their submission to the Committee.

The KWRC has struggled hard to keep going after the BC Government cut 100% of operating funding to BC?s Women?s Centres on March 31, 2004. This funding was relatively small - $47,174 - but represented more than half of the KWRC?s budget and was the only source of operating funding available to Women?s Centres.

The KWRC has been in existence in Kamloops since 1979. Prior to the cut to core funding, the KWRC provided direct service to nearly 3,000 women and girls per year. These services included information and referral, one-to-one support, crisis intervention, support groups, advocacy, and many others. Services were specifically tailored to the needs of women accessing the KWRC - women most often brought issues of experiencing violence, poverty, homelessness, and discrimination through our doors.

Without stable, secure funding, the KWRC has found it more and more difficult to provide these essential, women-centred services to the community. They reduced staff from 2.5 to 1, and reduced their operating hours from 4 full time days to 2 half days. The bulk of the work is now being done via the unpaid labour of women.

Additionally, without core funding to pay for the basic costs of operating an organization and maintaining a facility, they are without the foundation necessary to secure project funding that might allow them to engage in other work in Kamloops, such as reducing overall violence and discrimination, or engaging in community development initiatives. They are being  forced to close their doors to the public this fall.

For More Information Contact: Trish Archibald 371-5568 (w) or 828-0640 Jasmin Wright 572-1821 Heather Robinson 851-6808

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