Lanark County Interval House Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Wednesday, July 28 2010

Lanark County Interval House has a lot to celebrate. Over the past quarter century, it has sheltered more than 5,000 women and children and provided support to thousands more who have called its crisis line or used its outreach services.

To mark this significant achievement, four exceptional women have agreed to come to Lanark County and share their knowledge and fascinating stories. The Speakers Series, Crossing Borders, Opening Doors, will feature author and feminist Jane Doe, the honourable Flora MacDonald, land mine activist Celina Tuttle and police officer, Sgt. Isobel Anderson.

Jane Doe was sexually assaulted in 1986 by a man who had already raped four women and was known to Toronto police as the 'Balcony Rapist'. When she discovered that the police had deliberately failed to warn area residents about the danger, she sued the police and won. The ordeal took more than 10 years. Her book, The Story of Jane Doe, documents one woman's refusal to be victimized by the courts and the police. Jane will be appearing October 26 at the Perth Studio Theatre.

On December 2, former member of parliament and cabinet minister, Flora MacDonald will speak at the Carleton Place Town Hall. Since her retirement from the government, she has been an advocate for human rights through numerous national and international agencies.

At the Old Almonte Town Hall on January 25, 2005, Celina Tuttle will talk about global efforts to eradicate the use of antipersonnel land mines. Very active in the Mines Action Canada Coalition, she now works for Geneva Call, an international humanitarian organization that works at engaging armed rebel groups to respect the ban on land mines.

On International Women's Day, March 8, 2005, Sgt. Isobel Anderson will speak at the Carleton Place arena hall. At 19, Anderson became the first black female officer in Rhodesia, South Africa. In 1994, after immigrating to Canada, she became the first black female officer hired on the Ottawa Police Service. Since being stuck with a used needle during a robbery, Sgt. Anderson has worked tirelessly to have legislation passed that would require criminal suspects to provide voluntary blood samples for testing.

Tickets for the speaker series cost $50. Single tickets are $15, $8 for students, and available at Shadowfax in Perth, SCR Music in Carleton Place, The Village Pump in Smiths Falls and The Miller's Tale in Almonte. All presentations start at 7:30pm. For more information, contact Fern Martin at 253-3336 or 1-888-414-7321, ext.10.

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