Lanark County Sexual Assault Centre Sexual Assault Crisis Line, Closed February 29, 2004

Thursday, January 29 2004
Lanark County Sexual Assault Centre Sexual Assault Crisis Line, Closed February 29, 2004 Lanark County Sexual Assault Centre announces the closure of it's SEXUAL ASSAULT CRISIS LINE, as of February 29, 2004.
Due to a decision made by the Perth & Smiths Falls hospital, $66,000 Ministry of Health funding will be diverted from the Sexual Assault Crisis line to hire a social worker for the hospital.
In 1995, the Lanark County Sexual Assault program became a reality with Lanark County Interval House, Lanark County Mental Health and the Smiths Falls District Hospital working together to provide a comprehensive program of crisis response, long term counselling, community coordination and medical care. This program was established with input from Lanark County survivors of sexual assault and service providers. The funding from the Ministry of Health was managed by the Smiths Falls hospital. A Community Coordinating Committee was established as an advisory group.
Although the hospital services were rarely used, the crisis and counselling services were busy, providing information and support to women, men, teens and children. Those services also provided educational programs in the schools and through the media. Interval House further funded support groups for survivors of sexual assault - a key component in their healing.

Over the past six years an average of 144 survivors of sexual assault have made an average of 677 calls on the crisis line per year.
The Lanark County Sexual Assault program is currently investigating alternate resources for survivors of sexual assault.

For further information please call:The address you can direct replies to is : Christine LucasR.R. # 1Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 3P1

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