MediaWatch 'in limbo'

Wednesday, November 30 2005
Due to staff changes, MediaWatch has temporarily dissolved, to be reassembled at a later date.

"It's in limbo," says Shari Graydon in Ottawa, former president of the not-for-profit feminist organization in Toronto that worked to eliminate sexism in the media.

Two resignations in the spring, due to career changes and health reasons, meant the organization went through a transition, she says. MediaWatch then was negotiating an arrangement to become affiliated with York University in Toronto, providing access to volunteer students and research expertise. However, for a variety of reasons, "the deal didn't go through and because that was expected-as an agreement in principle - the office closed pending a new arrangement," says Graydon, who is also the author of Made You Look and In Your Face: The Culture of Beauty and You.

With a long, long history with MediaWatch behind her, Graydon is working to figure out an "appropriate new incarnation." A brainstorming session is planned and she is hopeful the group will find a new life in the next six months. "I personally think having a liaison with a university would be a very good move because of the nature of the organization's work in research and educational outreach."

MediaWatch has been in Canada for 25 years, promoting change through research, consumer advocacy and education.

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