Menopause and Estrogen Research Study, Hamilton, ON

Thursday, May 22 2014


Study Title: "The Effects of Estrogen on Mood and Vasomotor Symptoms During the Menopausal Transition."

The transition to menopause is marked by significant hormonal changes and may also be accompanied by depressed mood, hot flashes and night sweats. Estrogen treatment has been widely used to alleviate most of the symptoms associated with menopause. However, the exact mechanisms by which estrogen treatments improve mood and regulate body temperature are still unknown. This study will examine the role of neurotransmitters in estrogen treatment, and we hope the results will lead to a better understanding of estrogen’s effects on mood in women and possibly guide the development of new and safer pharmacological treatments for depression in women of all ages.

The Women’s Health Concerns Clinic is looking for women ages 40-60 who are:

a) On estrogen treatment for mood/anxiety symptoms OR currently experiencing mood/anxiety symptoms and interested in starting estrogen treatment

b) Experiencing irregular periods or have been without a period for up to 5 years

c) Not currently taking any antidepressant medications

b) In otherwise good health

The study involves three or more visits to St. Joseph’s Healthcare, 301 James Street South, Hamilton, ON. Participants will be compensated for their time ($220 plus parking).

If you are interested in participating, please contact Julie Mahoney by phone at (905) 522-1155 ext. 32282 or (905) 977-7034, or by e-mail at


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