Metamorphosis: from the darkness of abuse to the light of empowerment

Tuesday, May 26 2015

One Thousand Trees publishes a monthly online magazine of the same
name, the mandate of which is to facilitate wellness through connection,
creativity, and community service. Visit their website at for more information. In addition to the
magazine, they publish books and manuals that fall under the mandate.

More Information on these books can be found at

They have a new book that they're working on that is to be published in
December of this year (2015). "Metamorphosis: from the darkness of
abuse to the light of empowerment." It is based on a true story of a
survivor of verbal/emotional abuse.

One Thousand Trees feels strongly about this issue, because they believe it is often
downplayed, especially in comparison to physical/sexual abuse. "I have no
bruises, therefore I can't have been abused" is a statement that is heard far too

They are currently looking for contributors to this book ... women and girls who have
experienced, or are still experiencing, verbal/emotional abuse (including

Specifically, they are looking for brief (100-200 words) anecdotes
about specific experiences, and poetry or other artwork expressing the
emotions, both good and bad, related to the experience of living with
abuse, and/or escaping from it.

Stories can either be faxed to 519-265-6712, or returned by email to

Poetry or artwork should also be sent via email (artwork as JPEG attachment).

All contributions to this project will be strictly confidential and
anonymous. There is absolutely no risk to any participant.

Please note that 50% of all net proceeds from the sale of this book will
be donated to charities that support the empowerment of girls and women.


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