More African Governments Must Ratify Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa

Friday, July 23 2010

In advance of the 43rd anniversary of Africa Women's Day on Sunday, Amnesty International called on African governments that have not yet done so to ratify the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa (the Protocol) quickly and without reservations. The Protocol, adopted on 11 July 2003 by the African Union (AU) Assembly of Heads of State and Government has to date received only 11 ratifications. Fifteen ratifications are required for the Protocol to enter into force. The AU Assembly at its 2nd Summit in 2003 in Maputo, Mozambique expressed a commitment to achieve a speedy and regional wide ratification of the Protocol.

Amnesty International is concerned that more than two years after its adoption, the Protocol has not received sufficient number of ratifications for it to enter into force. The current ratification status is inconsistent with the AU frequently expressed commitment to ensure a quick and full ratification of the Protocol. Member states of the AU must give the Protocol the necessary recognition that it deserves if they are to show that they are truly committed to ensuring the overall well-being of women.

Amnesty International urged African governments to demonstrate their expressed commitment to make women's human rights a reality in their country by ratifying the Protocol quickly.

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