NACAFV calls Judge David Ramsey's sentencing demoralizing and disconcerting for Aboriginal Women across Canada

Monday, July 26 2010

The National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence (NACAFV) is calling today’s sentencing of Judge David Ramsey of Prince George, B.C.-- the man which admittedly assaulted Aboriginal women, some of as young as 12 years-old is totally demoralizing and disconcerting for Aboriginal women across Canada Susanne Point, Chair of the National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence (NACAFV), and host organization for AWAVE, stated that “This is the exact reason why organizations like the Circle exists and has agreed to the formation of a coalition to address violence.

The mandate of the AWAVE coalition is to develop and implement a national culturally-specific strategic plan to foster violence-free environments for all Aboriginal women The AWAVE coalition is comprised of Aboriginal Women’s organizations including Native Women’s Association of Canada, Pauktuutit Inuit Women’s Association of Canada, Quebec Native Women Inc., Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada and the National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence (NACAFV) and was announced last month Point further stated “Violence against Aboriginal Women not only has to be eradicated, but preventative measures and solutions need to be provided to Aboriginal Women everywhere.

As it stands currently, this injustice will further diminish the miniscule trust that Aboriginal peoples have in Canada’s judicial system, when an Aboriginal case is before the court.” The judicial process of appointing judges she says needs to be more scrupulous in their selection process. This is not the only instance where light sentencing has been provided when dealing with abuse against Aboriginal women.

We have been watching certain cases and it seems that it is the ‘norm’ when it comes to handing down the sentence, and it has to stop. How can we expect to reduce this crisis when the ramifications are so insufficient for the offenders. For their part the goal of NACAFV is to work cooperatively with the sister organizations to develop a four year strategic plan with 1 million being contributed through the Status of Women Canada’s Family Violence Initiative Fund.

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