NB Coalition for Pay Equity Asks the PC and Liberals to Show Courage

Wednesday, July 28 2010

Friday, August 25, 2006: The Coalition for Pay Equity is challenging Bernard Lord and Shawn Graham to follow the footsteps of the New Democrats on the issue of pay equity.

“Will the PC and Liberal leaders dare to go as far as the NDP? Will they have the courage to promise to pass a law if elected?” asks Anne-Marie Gammon.

This week, NDP leader, Allison Brewer, announced that her party would introduce a bill on pay equity in the public and private sectors.

The Chair of the Coalition for Pay Equity, Anne-Marie Gammon, stated that “Mrs. Brewer showed strong support for all women who work in a traditionally female field: childcare workers, home support workers, fish processing plant workers, secretaries, cashiers, teachers’ assistants, etc.”

The Coalition wants economic improvement for NB women and their families and believes that a law on pay equity is necessary to achieve that goal. Such a law would immediately affect approximately 70% of the women in the NB workforce! These thousands of jobs contribute to the economy and to the overall wellness of the population and the Coalition wants them to be paid their fair value.

The Coalition for Pay Equity has been campaigning for a law on pay equity in the public and private sectors since 1998. It has 70 member organizations.

For more information:

Anne-Marie Gammon, Chair of Coalition for Pay Equity, 544-6437(c)

Johanne Perron, Coordinator, Coalition for Pay Equity, 855-0002 (w)

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