Network on Women's Social and Economic Rights in Canada

Monday, July 26 2010

Network on Women's Social and Economic Rights in Canada

The website has been created by the group of feminists who drafted the Appeal for Action on Parental Leave. We are: Bev Bain, Maryann Bird, Barbara Cameron, Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Shelagh Day, Martha Friendly, Martha Jackman and Leah Vosko, and Kerry McCuaig.

The website will provide updates on the challenge to maternity and parental leave through Employment Insurance and post information on certain other initiatives of government, such as the Throne Speech and Budget.

We see the Appeal and the website as ways to come in contact with other feminists who share our view that this is a crucial period in Canadian politics when strong voices for women's equality must be raised once again. If we hear from enough other women who share this view, we will attempt to establish a communications and action network of individual women dedicated to the advancement of women's economic and social rights.

If you believe a Network on Women's Economic and Social Rights is needed and are interested in being part of it, please email us at:

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