New Alternative School Being Started in West End Toronto

Wednesday, July 28 2010

There is a new alternative school being started, within the Toronto Board of Ed. Their philosophy includes anti-racism, social justice and community activism.

A dedicated group of parents has done a remarkable amount of work in 7 months. The school is planning to open in September, 2008, starting with Junior Kindergarden to Grade 3, and growing with the student population. They have an application deadline this fall.

You can check out their website (link below) which includes meeting minutes, philosophy, and an invitation to join any of their committees, including the organizing (steering) commitee.

Toronto alternative schools (unlike regular public schools which have local "catchment areas") take students from all over Toronto. At a recent meeting, they repeatedly invited anyone interested to get involved, and emphasized a desire to have more diversity within the founding members, in particular more folks of colour and/or queer folks.

This is a tremendous opportunity to work to shape the direction of what is apparently the first new alternative school getting started in a long while.

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