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Monday, July 26 2010

Progressive CHOICES: Women in Business magazine supports fast-growing part of Canadian economy Nancy Thompson has turned a gift for seeing entrepreneurial potential in others into an inspiring, motivational magazine.

Progressive CHOICES: Women in Business features stories of Canadian women who are succeeding in the world of business. With four out of five businesses started by women, these entrepreneurs make up one of the fastest growing segments of the Canadian economy.

The magazine’s stories are far-reaching. Recent issues have included stories about fostering healthy relationships in family-run businesses and a program that fosters Inuit women’s success in business. An upcoming issue will look at the benefits of corporate donations -- both for the entrepreneur and for those she is helping.

Side-by-side in the magazine are stories on the unknown entrepreneurs that fuel the success of the Canadian small business economy, along with more well known, even household names, like Debbie Travis, interior designer, television producer and host, and one of Canada’s most successful women in business, who is a contributor to many issues, offering advice from her experiences.

"I always saw entrepreneurs farther along than they saw themselves," says Halifax-based editor, Nancy Thompson, who was new to the magazine industry when she started Progressive CHOICES in 2000. "I was moved by the immense amount of talent, spirit, innovation and strength I see in Canadian women who want to build or grow a business."

Progressive CHOICES publishes three regional editions quarterly (an Atlantic, Ontario and Western edition), each with unique content. The magazine already has an annual circulation of 120,000 and is available through a variety of retailers, including Sobey’s stores, and soon to be in Chapters bookstores across the country (September). Readers range from women in their 30s, 40s and 50s who run their own businesses, to university students looking for direction and inspiration.

The goal is not only to inspire women, but to provide a roadmap for success. "We wanted to communicate the right info to women and men who wanted to start a business, so that they wouldn’t give up if they were turned away while working towards their goal."

"People need to know how to do things in a simple way – overcomplicating things holds people back," she says. That’s what led to Thompson naming the magazine Progressive CHOICES. "It’s about making the right choices, and learning from those who may not have made the right choices."

Thompson includes one of her own choices in that category. Long before she started Progressive CHOICES, she lost a thriving business to a fire and only discovered once it was too late that she had insufficient insurance to cover the damage. The mistake cost her everything, and she wound up on welfare. Years of determined effort and sacrifice have now brought her to the point where she is shepherding a successful national magazine, and acting as an inspiration for so many. The Canadian magazine industry is tough, especially for an independent like Progressive CHOICES, but Thompson is determined to keep working as an ally for women in business.

"People told me I was a world of information for them, and that I needed to continue," she remembers. "The bottom line is to never listen to people who say you can’t do something. That just keeps me going!"

Check out Progressive CHOICES on the web at:

The magazine is available by subscription, and through various retailers, such as Sobey’s stores, and soon to be available in Chapters bookstores across the country (September launch).

To book an interview with Nancy Thompson or to request review copies of Progressive CHOICES, contact:

Nancy Thompson Publisher
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