New Feminist Political Party Created in British Columbia

Wednesday, July 28 2010

Duncan BC, July 12, 2005: The FemINist INitiative of BC announces its registration as a provincial political party with Elections BC.


On May 20, 2005 three distinct groups of events merged to augur the FemINist INitiative of BC.

In May 2005, the Stronach incident in Ottawa reinforced the point that little had changed to bring civility to politics.

On May 17, 2005, 58% of BC voters chose BC-STV, while political leaders pondered whether the express will of the people should be followed.

Three women in poverty, coming together through the group WISE, had doggedly worked to communicate with political parties and politicians at all levels of government about the existence and effects on society of systemic marginalization. It took about a year for their hope to turn to cynicism. The three women of WISE became Founders of the FemINist INitiative of BC. By June 22, 2005, the party had a constitution, a website, and had become registered with Elections BC.

The FemINist INitiative of BC accepts the original premise of feminism, that the feminine in all of us – women and men – has as much value to ourselves and to society as the masculine. We accept that differences between women and men exist and we value those differences. We are pro-women and pro-men, and as such, we strive to achieve a balance between the feminine and masculine in the governance of all society's institutions.

Over the next four years the FemINist INitiative of BC will, through a process of grassroots consultation and consensus building, develop a party and candidates guided by the values of INclusiveness, INtegrity, INvolvement and INnovation.

We will strive for harmony by working toward achieving a society in which its cultural, social, political and economic institutions reflect the balance of the feminine and the masculine inherent in British Columbia's people.

We will reach out to members of our society who have been marginalized by societal biases, the bureaucratic wall of silence, and political bungling and lack of awareness. We will encourage their meaningful participation in the formation of policy affecting their lives, because we respect that they – not politicians, not bureaucrats, not academics – are more apt to know what is best for them.

We will bring civility and openness to the political realm and respect for those whose views we may not share.

We will demonstrate through action, and talk without double-speak, that INclusiveness, INtegrity and INnovation can reignite the electorate, inspiring the INvolvement of voters in the political process.

We invite interested persons to visit the website of the FemINist INitiative of BC, where they will find information on our history, values, Constitution, views on feminism, and membership and volunteer opportunities.

FemINist INitiative of BC

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