New Global Online Exhibition: Women, Power and Politics: Pushing the Boundaries of Power and Politics

Friday, July 23 2010

The International Museum of Women debuts its most interactive exhibition to date:
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5 > Women, Power and Politics! Using essays, t, film, photography, audio and political cartoons, we tell the untold stories of remarkable women transforming our world. You'll meet warriors,
revolutionaries and peacemakers. You'll be inspired by the stories of tough
Iron Ladies, grieving mothers, audacious students and hard-working senators.

>From March 8 to December 31, 2008, Women, Power and Politics will explore a provocative new topic each month. In March, peer into six windows of the world as we ask, "What Difference Do Women Make?" Travel with us as we focus on stories of women claiming and exercising their power in
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> India,
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> Nigeria,
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> Mexico,
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> Morocco, and the
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> United States. The exhibition reaches a global
audience in four languages -
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> Arabic,
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> English,
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> French and
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> Spanish.

Begin your tour of Women, Power and Politics!

* START Watch a
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> welcome video from Former President of Ireland Mary
* FOCUS Explore the topic in
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> focus this month.
* LISTEN We talk politics with political mama Irene Natividad in
I.M.O.W.'s first
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> podcast.

Be transformed by our new global online exhibition. Visit the
4596476BE8CD0C53B6B5> Women, Power and Politics global online exhibition


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