New National Anti-Poverty Organization report on homelessness blames government for current crisis

Monday, July 26 2010

Summerside, PEI: Poverty and homelessness is a national crisis that must be addressed by all politicians in Canada's federal election and by any new
government formed after the June 28th election, according to the National Anti-Poverty Organization.

As they publicly launch a new report called Voices: Women, Poverty and Homelessness in Canada at the Salvation Army soup kitchen in Summerside, Prince Edward Island today, NAPO is taking aim at all levels of government to address the issues affecting homelessness, with particular emphasis on federal policies.

The result of a multi-year project analyzing the causes and conditions of dramatically increasing numbers of homeless women in Canada since the 1990s, the report traces the lives and personal stories of homeless women in Halifax, Ottawa and Vancouver in the context of such political realities as changes to transfer payments and failed promises on national housing strategies.

"These women have several things in common. They are women, they are homeless, society has failed them and the government has abdicated its responsibility to them," says NAPO past president and current board member, Linda Lalonde. "This is why NAPO is calling on candidates to commit to solving the homelessness crisis."

"People who are homeless have been hit extremely hard by the systematic dismantling of our social programs, the lack of basic federal social assistance rights formerly contained in the Canada Assistance Plan and national responsibility for the planning and management of necessary housing infrastructure," Lalonde adds.

NAPO's report calls for a number of important recommendations to be implemented by the next federal government. Highlights include:


The Federal Government should:

Provincial and Territorial Governments should:

All levels of government should be held legally liable for violations of provincial, national and international human rights legislation.

For the full report, please go to

For more information, please contact:

Linda Lalonde
NAPO Board of Directors

Paulette Hulpa
NAPO board representative, Eastern region

Sandra Bender, Researcher
National Anti-Poverty Organization
2212 Gladwin Crescent, Unit C7
Ottawa, ON K1B 5N1
(613) 789-0096 ext. 28


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