News and further actions on Bill C-225!

Tuesday, June 28 2016

Here's some news and further actions you can take on Bill C-225 ("Molly and Cassie's Law", which would give some legal recognition to fetuses), from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. Please share widely!  

1) The second reading debate and vote has been postponed to the fall, probably October. ARCC-CDAC is continuing its campaigns against the bill over the summer.

2) We have a new Parliamentary e-petition and invite you all to please sign it!  

English, "Rights of pregnant women":   

Franćais, Pétition électronique :   

3) We're still collecting paper petitions against Bill C-225, and you can
sign both, as each petition type has advantages - Paper petitions can be
officially presented in the House; while e-petitions can collect many more
signatures, help with publicity and building awareness and opposition to the
bill, and can be mentioned during speeches in the House.  


.Franćais, Pétition papier de s'opposer au projet de loi C-225 :   

4) We're also still collecting names of organizations opposed to Bill C-225.
To add your org's name to the list, please email

Franćais, Groupes opposés au projet de loi C-225 :   

For more information about the bill, please see our page:
ARCC cannot support Bill C-225:
La CDAC ne peut appuyer le projet de loi C-225 :   

Thank you!

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